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10 baby and toddler items that make life easier

Newborn Baby Photography Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
When I was pregnant with George and reached the stage where we could no longer resist the temptation to go a bit crazy in Mothercare and John Lewis, I realised what an absolute beast the baby market is. There is a gadget for everything, all packaged and advertised to make you not only want it, but feel like you NEED it in your life. I am an advertiser's dream, and my husband is probably ten times worse than me, so of course we spent loads of money on gadgets that may have got used once or twice before we realised they were actually utter crap and shoved them to the back of the cupboard never to be used again.

This time around with Rafa I found myself getting sucked in again. Three and a half years is a long time for the baby market to have developed hundreds of new gadgets that of course I HAD to have in my life. So this time I had a stern word with myself and only purchased items that have actually been recommended to me. And I have to say I don't regret a single purchase.

So, here is my list of ten baby and toddler items that have made my life much easier. I'm always up for a new purchase so would love to hear any of your recommendations:

Prices start from £39.99

White noise worked a treat for settling George. I tried a couple of different white noise devices but wasn't overly impressed with either of them (the noise was very annoying on the one and the other switched off after 20 minutes which always caused George to wake), so I ended up using an app on my phone which wasn't ideal.
After having Rafa I came across My Hummy through a friend and purchased the Sleepy Head version for £39.99. It's been a game changer. It's small with a velcro strap on the back to attach it to the Moses Basket, cot, pram etc. It has a choice of sounds which are all pleasant on the ear and you can have it on continuous mode so that it doesn't turn itself off (alternatively it also has a 60 minute mode and once it has reached 60 minutes it reactivates itself if the baby starts to stir). Plus it looks cute, which is always a bonus. Highly recommend this one.



I wish I'd have known about these when I had George. There are lots of different varieties of these wraps but above is the link to the one I bought and am happy with. It sits in the car seat and has openings for the straps to come through so that your baby can be secured safely. Then it wraps over the top of them keeping them nice and warm and removing the need for a thick coat which can be unsafe for car travel.


Available at most supermarkets and online at Amazon.
£2.25 for 30 wipes

These are absolutely brilliant for when you're out and about and your baby drops their dummy or teether on the floor. They kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses so you can give whatever they've dropped a wipe over, let it dry and then it's safe to go back in their mouth.



Zip up baby grows are new to me, but I love them. They make life so much easier when trying to dress a wriggly baby, just one zip from tip to toe and you're done! Gap do a lovely range of them but I'm starting to see them appearing in other shops too.


A friend bought me this for George when he was approaching the age of two and going through his waking at 5am stage. I'm not kidding when I say this, but it changed my life! There is a lovely little story in the box which you can read to your child to explain how it works, then at bedtime you set the clock to the star to indicate that it is night time and it changes to a sun when it reaches the 'wake up' time that you programme it to. I was sceptical that it work for George but it worked a treat and even now he waits until the sun comes up on his clock at 7am before getting out of bed.


There are hundreds of varieties of these but they all do the same job. They clip onto the handlebar of your pram/pushchair so that you can hang your shopping bags or your nappy bag from it, therefore keeping your hands free.



This is quite possibly my favourite item on this list! Only applicable for little boys, but this portable urinal is perfect for being out and about. It is small, saves you having to carry a potty (although doesn't help for a number two) and just looks like a drinks bottle. Plus we went through a phase when potty training George where he refused to admit that he needed a wee, so I found the novelty factor of this urinal encouraged him to wee out in public rather than hold it in until he weed himself.



I ummed and ahhed about buying one of these because it was just so expensive, but after hearing good things about it from several different people I decided to take the plunge and I'm very pleased I did. I use it downstairs for Rafa's daytime naps to save me carrying the Moses Basket up and down the stairs every morning and evening. He settles really easily in it and sleeps soundly once he has gone off. I also take it with me if I'm going to someone's house so that I have something safe to put him in if he wants to sleep.



These little nail files are brillant. You attach a nail file to the thumble, pop it over your thumb and then gently file your baby's nails without the need to cut them (which always made me a bit sweaty). Very stress free and easy to use.


Both of my boys had gunky eyes as babies. These eye wipes (which are suitable for use on babies) are perfect to safely clean the eye area when you don't have access to cotton wool and cool boiled water. They are pricey, but brilliant for occasional use when you're out and about.

So, there you have it, my list of items that I have found really useful during my time as a Mum so far. I hope there is maybe at least one item on this list that you hadn't heard about and that may make your life just that little bit easier too! And as I said at the beginning, if you have any recommendations that I haven't covered I would love to hear them!

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