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Reasons why I may (or may not) be the right photographer for you

Newborn Baby Photography Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
It probably sounds strange that I’d even consider telling you why I may not be the right photographer for you. I mean, surely I want you to book me? And yes, of course I do. But only if I’m the right fit for you, because ultimately I want you to be happy with what I produce.

There are so many photographers out there and we all have different styles and ways of doing things, so not every photographer suits every client.

So here are the reasons you may, or indeed in some cases may not, choose me:

1. My Style

This is the biggie really. Because, budget aside, the style of a photographer’s work should be your main consideration when choosing who to book.

These photos are going to last you a lifetime. You’re investing your hard earned money into having them taken for you, so it’s important that you choose a photographer who can fulfil your vision.

The important things you need to know about my style are that I use very minimal props. Colour is used sparingly and when it is used it is light and usually pastel. Posing is done, but in a very natural way. I avoid novelty setups.

Many other photographers have a very different style to me. They use props and lots of colour and they do it beautifully, so if this is your vision then I’m probably not the right fit for you.

My work is simplistic, and that is 100% on purpose. I choose to photograph other people’s children in the way I’d like to remember my own, with the baby being the primary focus of every image.

2. My Setup

I’m not on the high street, I don’t have a huge fancy studio. I have a small, but beautiful, dedicated studio space at my home which is perfect for the work I do.

This doesn’t suit every client. I’ve heard in the past people say that they would prefer to visit a commercial space for a photo shoot.

But with me you are invited through my home, where you can wave to our naughty puppy through the door on your way past, and into my garden studio. Where I have everything on hand to make your visit a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Having my studio at home also means I haven’t had to add additional costs to my prices to cover rent and rates.  

3. The atmosphere

My business is run by me, I don’t hire staff and I do every job. Everything is done with my personal care and attention.

Being a mum of two young boys I also know what it is like to have children. I know how difficult it can be to predict their behaviour and routine.

I therefore don’t have several clients every day. I have one. You.

When organising a sitter or cake smash shoot I work around you as much as possible to do the shoot at a time of day when your little one is at their happiest. I don’t dictate the time that you need to arrive, and I don’t rush you out of the door to make way for the next client.

The atmosphere is relaxed. You are my priority. When it comes to children and their behaviour I have seen it all before. Being a Mum myself I have probably personally experienced it all before. So there is nothing to worry about.

And if your little one is poorly or doesn’t play ball on the day and we don’t get the shots, we will simply try again another time. It’s as simple as that.   

4. Sales

Probably bad for business this one. But I am not a sales person. I used to work in banking many years ago and I would get a sweat on when I had a queue of customers and instructions from my boss to sell them something. I can still feel the dread in my stomach now. Sales are not for me.

So there’s no hard sell involved with my shoots. You walk into the shoot knowing exactly how much it’s going to cost you. And we don’t spend an hour at the end with me persuading you to buy add ons and extras.  

Yes, I could be earning more money by changing my business model. But this works for me. A ‘sales free’ environment is where I am comfortable and happy. So you can relax knowing that my motivations throughout the shoot are solely on giving you a positive experience and getting the best photos possible of your baby.

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