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What is a sitter session ?

Newborn Baby Photography Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
What is a sitter session?

With the ever growing popularity of professional baby photography many people are aware of newborn photo shoots and of first birthday photo shoots, but there is another first year photo opportunity that is often overlooked – the sitter session.

These sessions are suitable for when your baby has mastered the ability to sit up independently. The age that this happens varies wildly from baby to baby but it generally falls somewhere between 6-10 months of age.

I adore doing sitter sessions. Babies are very interactive at this age, they are seeing the world from a completely new perspective and their little personalities really start to shine through. The aim of the sitter session is to capture all of those expressions that you’ll want to treasure forever.

I keep these sessions nice and simple, with the main focus firmly on your baby. I have a large selection of gorgeous handmade rompers and blankets that you can choose from and I usually do some squishy bum shots too. Babies tend to lose their chubby rolls when they start to properly move around, so it’s nice to capture those rolls on camera while you can!

To book a sitter session please contact me via the Contact Page.

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